Bay Area Technical Services is a leading importer of bias-ply tires for trailers and container chassis.  Our tires are manufactured in China and India by Apollo Tyres Ltd under  Kaizen and Cargo Express.  Tires are manufactured in 10.00x20 and 11x22.5 sizes, produced to our rigid specifications.

BATS operates retread tire programs in the Central, Eastern and Southern Regions of the United States.  Customer casings are retreaded at our factories in Pennsylvania and Georgia and returned, offering a significant cost savings over an all-new tire program.

BATS has pioneered the use of off-lease take-off tire assemblies for trailers and container chassis.  These units consist of tires that are not new enough to be returned with an off-leased trailer but that still have most of their tread intact, mounted on a used rim. 

New and retread tires are available in mounted and unmounted programs according to the customer's needs.  Take-off tire assemblies are only available mounted.

Our new tires are manufactured in plants in India and China under strict independent monitoring by our tire engineers. 

This monitoring process ensures quality in the compounding, construction, and manufacturing processes.

In addition to 10.00x20 and 11x22.5 trailer tires, BATS also imports a variety of other specialty tires for transportation equipment, and we would be happy to work with you to help you find the best tire value for your machine.  We are able to source tires of virtually any size, bias-ply or radial.

BATS takes pride in operating safe and cost-effective tire programs for our customers, and we will work with you to design the tire program that fits your particular needs the best.