Bay Area Truck Services was founded in 1986 by Noel Pinto and is based in San Jose, California.  Bay Area Technical Services was founded the following year to provide other transportation services besides those of the truck shop. 

In the late 1980's, BATS was tasked by several of our clients with finding or developing an offshore source for high-quality trailer tires for the intermodal transportation industry.  We now import over 100,000 bias-ply chassis and trailer tires per year, in 10.00x20 and 11x22.5 sizes.  We have built a nationwide distribution network serving over 80 locations, to whom we provide new, retread, and off-lease take-off tires and tire accessories. 

In 2001, BATS developed the Tire Management System, a revolutionary tool to examine the tire programs of large chassis and trailer fleet operators.  The Tire Management System has saved our pilot customer over one million dollars per year since it's inception.  Our driving principal has always been quality with accountability, and the Tire Management System has brought us the transparency to achieve both.

Throughout this time, BATS has also imported intermodal transportation equipment and supplies of all kinds.  When we see a good deal on good equipment, we pick it up and pass the savings on to you.

Our goal is to provide the services to the transportation industry that we can accomplish competently, cost-effectively, and transparently.  If you have an idea or a problem that involves transportation equipment, please give us a call.